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I have always been drawn to the ceremony of drinking tea. From setting the
table with baked goods perched on a tier, to the aroma of the first pour into a dainty teacup. I owe this to my grandmother, Louise, who I spent summers and vacations with. She had a wooden box filled with beautiful linens to choose from and an old buffet that had a mix of teapots and china plates. I would set the table with my choice of linens and china while she was busy in the kitchen heating the water and making the most delectable bite sized sandwiches and treats out of whatever she could find. When all was ready, we would sit and delight in afternoon conversation while sipping a cup of tea and nibbling on a small feast.
I found that there are times when I enjoy this ceremony all by myself, reflecting back on my day or just letting my mind wander. How relaxing and yet simple in this hectic world to find peace in a steaming cup of tea. Taking time for tea gives something back to your mind and body. An experience I would like to share with everyone.
As you browse our Tea Store you will discover a wide variety of high quality loose leaf tea and tea items, including one of a kind Teas, gifts ,warmers, teapots, and strainers
Come visit our English-Style Tea Room at the Emerald Necklace Inn Bed & Breakfast for the ultimate tea experience.
Remember..."Take Time for Tea"